Extend your product range with the flavour of the east - not only for the football world cup

This year the World Cup takes place in Russia for the first time. However, sport is just one reason why this country, which is rich in tradition, has become a topical issue. The hearty Russian cuisine – Solyanka, Borsch and Boeuf Stroganoff to name a few – became already very popular worldwide. Take advantage of this popularity and use it for your individual World Cup advertising campaign!


In general, Russian cuisine is based on several courses: Most of the time the first course is a soup or a meat or vegetable salad with mayonnaise. This course if followed by typical meat or fish dishes, usually served with potatoes.


Enjoy traditional flavours!

Enjoy traditional flavours!

The typical flavour is often based on garlic, parsley and dill. RAPS has developed four new products with these particular spices. Give a Russian touch to barbecue specialties and many hearty dishes.


The recipe collections with creative ideas for the display counter provide the flavour of the East for your product range. Have a look now!



Magic Moscow / Sochi

ART. 1708387 / 1708383

Liquid seasoning for marinating. Suitable for all types of barbecue specialties, steaks and stir fry.


Puschkin Dip

ART. 1708415

Piquant dip sauce for meat, fish, poultry, pasta and convenience specialties.


Decor seasoning Babuschka

ART. 1708463

For seasoning and rounding-off meat, fish, poultry, steaks and convenience specialties.


Progress with RAPS

The traditional Russian cuisine is filling – this was essential in the long and cold winters. Warming Solyanka, diverse pasta products and spicy grilled shashlik skewers are just a few delicious specialties from Russia.


The new RAPS seasoned sauces and seasonings provide a unique authentic flavour and are perfect for your World Cup campaign.